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Infinite Potential now offers simple, non-invasive testing that helps clients to know how their body chemistry is reacting to their physical and mental/emotional lifestyle.  This includes diet, water intake, habits, as well as relationships to one's self and others.

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Comprehensive Service

Quantum Biofeedback is one of our most comprehensive servicess. Indigo biofeedback sessions include a bioenergetic scan and evaluation of the body, along with a 30-page summary of feedback findings.

The biofeedback session offers 60-90 minutes of "training" or therapy to identify, destress, balance, and unblock the areas of stress or pain. Clients suffering from numerous issues with seemingly no solution benefit greatly from this service.

New Client Visit  -  $150.00

30 minute session  -  $60.00
60 minute session  -  $85.00
90 minute session  -  $125.00

This technique can be used to identify and desensitize clients to vitamins, minerals, food, weeds, grass, pollens, dust, and other environments allergens.

There are 3 steps to this procedure;

  1. Identifying the sensitivity.
  2. "Clearing" the reactivity.
  3. Detoxifying the organs involved.

This is a relatively quick and non-invasive procedure, with most cases realizing permanent results.

Initial Evaluation - $65.00
BioSET Treatment - $45.00

Listen to the
Needs of Your Total Body

Facilitates the healing process by listening to the needs of the total body. Recommended for clients suffering from soft tissue sprains, strains, or otherwise painful physical conditions.

This therapy can zero-in on the "offended" joint, ligament, muscle, or disc, and apply specific frequencies to promote healing and pain relief.

30 minute session - $50.00
*additional time - $20.00

A hands-on technique that "resets" the body's 'switches". These reflexes get turned-off in times of stress, illness, or trauma. This procedure provides an "energetic overhaul" and most experience a positive shift of energy almost immediately.


Powerful hands-on technique that first removes interference from the physical body and resets the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  Next, the face-up Emotional B.E.S.T. identifies and clears interference in the form of stored or blocked emotions that are affecting the physical and emotional health.  This technique helps to identify the triggering emotion and release or clear the interference it’s causing in the body.  This technique is personalized to you and directed by your thoughts without the need to verbalize the person, situation, or body issue causing the stress. 

The BioMat uses infrared heat to help the body heal itself.  The BioMat has been shown to: treat chronic pain, speed the healing of joints and tissue, improve circulation, detoxify the body, as well as boosting the immune system while promoting deep relaxation and improving sleep and mood.

30 minute session  -  $20.00

Hanna’s tailbone reset is a quick but impactful technique that is essential to healthy white blood cell formation and a strong immune system.  Physically it also restores structural stability to the pelvis. Sacrum and hips.

30 minute session  -  $20.00

Relax with your feet in a tub of warm, ionized water while toxins from the joints, tissues, and organs of the body are released from the pores in your feet into the water.  Benefits include less inflammation, pain, and increased energy levels.

30 minute session  -  $30.00

$25.00 with other services

This technique is a form of muscle response testing used to check and evaluate the body’s unconscious resonance or disresonance with items it is exposed to.  This may include foods, environmental like grasses, weeds and molds and  nutritional products, to name a few.  Kinesiology may also be used to locate areas of blockage in the energy body as well as the physical body.

30 minute session  -  $30.00

$25.00 with other services

A hands on technique developed by Dr. Scott Walker as a way of finding and correcting an emotional stress component related to a physical problem.  NET provides a true mind/body approach, focusing on achieving heomostasis in the body and mind by identifying and correcting the NEC (NeuroEmotionalConflict) that is at the root of the issue.  This technique allows for clearing both body and mind by finding the core emotion, where it’s stored in the body and how it got stored originally.

30 minute session  -  $30.00

$25.00 with other services

Foot massage focusing on stimulating the reflex points found on the feet and hands corresponding to the body's different organs and systems. This procedure provides stress relief, pain reduction, and detoxification. Application of essential oils is included. (This is most beneficial followed by an IonClease Footbath.

30 minute session  -  $50.00

45 minute session  -  $65.00

This is a BRAND NEW option for our clientele with an interest in biofeedback but are unable to attend the session in person! Using the NuVision Biofeedback System, Julie is able to provide the benefits of an in-person biofeedback and coaching session without the need for an in-person visit. The NuVision System provides the ability to scan and send frequencies "wirelessly" - with appointments completed over the phone or via internet video chat.  Interested clients may direct any questons or schedule an appointment by contacting Julie Ray by phone or text.  

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